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We are a full-service junk removal team, here at Williamstown junk removal. What does that mean? Well that’s just a fancy way of saying that we do not expect you (or profit from you) doing anything to get your junk removed beside giving us a call and telling us where to go. The advantages of this are easy to overlook until you stop to think about it for a second. Contrast it for example with what happens when you rent a dumpster. 

First, you’ve got to know how much stuff you have to toss. You’ve got to estimate how much will fit in the receptacle you’ve rented. Will some kinds of items, like shingles, sheetrock, bricks, things that are of a regular size and shape, once you’ve got it bagged or bundled and put one in the bin, it’s not too difficult to estimate how many of those you can fit in there. But, would that the world were so simple! See, most of the time, your junk isn’t going to be so cooperative. It’s going to be all kinds of things in all shapes, sizes, densities and textures. It’s going to harder or easier to lift and move, it may move like a bag of feathers or like a ton of bricks. And obviously you’re going to be able to fit more hypothetical feathers than bricks, all other things being equal. 

Related to this problem is the issue of weight, more specifically weight limits. Do you know how much the average roll-off weighs any idea how much it weighs full of carpet and padding or your basement’s contents? Any idea on how to estimate that? Probably not. And because of that it’s going to be hard to estimate whether or not you are over or under whatever limit you’ve be quoted. Besides that you’ve got to trust the company that they are trying to get over on you by imposing over weight fees. Good luck asking the company how much you can fit in there or how much your stuff is going to weigh. Even when acting in completely good faith, there’s no way for them to know since they aren’t going to be looking at and handling your junk. 

Now if you like to do your own thing and do the work yourself have at it. There are good companies in our area and we’re happy to refer. But if you are not into sucking in dust, getting your hands dirty and fighting hundreds of pounds of awkward bulky items upstairs, you ought to consider our local junk removal service. We’ll take the guesswork out of it all. Doesn’t matter how much your junk weighs, what you need to be removed, when you need it done, or even where you’re located. As long as you are in Gloucester of Camden County, we’ll definitely be able to help you, whether you’re cleaning out or cleaning up. 

Our pricing is upfront, straightforward and commonsensical. You’ll get a quote onsite and don’t pay anything until we’ve both agreed to commence the work. Doesn’t cost you a thing to get an estimate either. You can even upload a picture of what you need removed to get started even sooner, just snap a photo and uploaded it on the form to the right. 

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