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What’s considered bulk junk? The way we see it, it’s anything that big, heavy and hard to maneuver. ​It comprises a majority of the junk we remove. A non exhaustive list includes: refrigerators, couches, furnace units, tires, dressers, desks, fencing, sheds and much much more. 

One of the tricky things about disposing of bulk junk is that you don’t really know where to begin a lot of times. Say you’ve got a shed that needs to be disposed of. If you bought it whole, you may be able to just call the manufacturer or seller to have them take it and get rid of it. Increasingly, with electronics, it is more and more the case the the manufacturer will come and dispose of the old item. But with say that isn’t possible with this shed you’ve got. You can’t just put it on the curb. Even if you could you’d have to get it there somehow. Carrying it whole probably isn’t an option. So then you’ve got to break it down, dismantle it. Dismantling is going to take a lot of time. Plus you’ve got to be careful and have the right safety gear. Since you likely don’t dismantle many sheds regularly it’s going to take a while to break it down.

​And if you can’t leave it on the curb, then you have to figure out how your town handles bulk junk removal. Some require permits. Some require you to call ahead. Some require you to take it to a transfer station yourself.  After you’ve figured out what your town wants, and whether or not they’ll even take your shed pieces, then you’ve got to get it there somehow. If you’ve got a pickup truck or some other hauling vehicle, your in luck and can take time out of your life to drive the shed to the transfer station. If not, then you’ve got to borrow or rent one. A separate trip and more time out of your life. And of course you get the privilege of paying for it all. See where we’re going here? 
There is a better way. Just call us! Seriously, retrace all those steps we’ve outlined above and multiply that by how much bulk junk you heed to have removed. Say besides that shed you’ve got a couch, a fridge, an oven, a basement storage freezer, lumber, drywall, shingles, bricks, and concrete from a renovation project, and various yard debris to dispose of. How many pick-up truck loads is it going to take? We’ll get it done in one go, and you can get on with your life. Unless you’re running a junk removal business, it’s doubtful you’ll enjoy spending your evenings and weekends on this kind of project. No need for special equipment, getting friends to pitch in or running to the hardware store or rental van company to rent a pick up or moving truck. 

If you are anywhere in Gloucester or Camden county, call us for all your bulk junk removal needs. If it’s not hazardous, and you have no idea how your going to get rid of it, but what it gone, we’ve got the solution for you. Pricing is straightforward. And no unsightly dumpster on your property for a fortnight to boot. 

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