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Junk hauling and junk removal are generally speaking synonymous. Though like most things in life, a difference makes a difference. Junk removal connotes a company that sends a few strong guys to a client’s business or residence to remove unwanted items. This includes entering into buildings without damaging or destroying anything and getting things dirty in the process of moving things to the truck. The junk they take are basically anything in the home or business that needs to be removed from the site, save for a short list of hazardous items that changes depending on the local laws and regulations. You can imagine junk removers as clean, uniformed professionals that take care to work efficiently, safely and tidily.

Haulers on the other hand, place the emphasis on the heaviness and density of the items to be removed. Haulers have large sturdy vehicles capable of moving lots of cubic yards of heavy duty construction material like gravel, sand, concrete and dirt. Because of the nature of their work, it’s impossible for these guys to keep their clothes clean throughout the course of a shift. And a client might not want them trudging through an office or family home, with dirt peeling off of their boots and clothes. They also have the biggest baddest equipment to accommodate all the heavy stuff that needs to be transported. They’re set up for the big, rough jobs not the little, dainty ones. Haulers often also do light demolition, think interior fixtures and finishing, like carpet, flooring, or hot tubes, and small outbuildings like sheds and decks. because they are​ outfitted for it, haulers can easily break up the big stuff and haul it off. 

Now a good junk hauler combines the best of both these approaches. They are nimble and careful enough to handle the detailed work need for residential jobs. They come in clean, neat uniforms. They are polite and respectful. If you can’t get your mattress, dresser, sofa, piano, refrigerator, or workout equipment to the door yourself, the client doesn’t mind them coming into the house to because they are presentable. They are truly full service. And if you’ve got stuff in the yard the same is true too, grills, play equipment, sheds, or tires. And they’re prompt too, can offer same day junk removal service too.

But when it comes to the heavy, dirty work they can do that too. If that renovation needs to get underway but a whole bathroom or kitchen, complete with linoleum, tiling, carpet, countertops, drywall and all the rest, a junk hauling company can do the light demolition to break all that stuff up, put it the truck and haul it off. And if you are a commercial business and have a need for full service debris removal they can do that too. Especially in the finishing stages of a project, when the there’s lots of heavy debris left over and a dumpster won’t doo, junk hauler can answer the bell.

Luckily Williamstown Junk Removal is the kind of company that can handle the jobs that needs a delicate touch as well as those that literally require the sledgehammer. If you don’t want it, it’s junk, and we’ll get it gone. 

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