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It happens. The moment you realize you have more stuff to throw away than can fit in the container the town’s given you. It used to be you could just haul everything to the curb in whatever container you had and it would get taken. But times have changed. And that’s a good thing. The reason for having individual, city issued trash containers it to cut down on waste. in addition to the trash container we’ve got the recycling container as well in our communities here in Gloucester County. It just a nudge to get us to recycle more. If you think it’s overkill or annoying, well it’s just a small thing we can do to reduce the regular, weekly amount of trash we have. And it could be worse actually. In Germany there are four different kinds of waste bins and hefty fines for not separating garbage. The authorities go easier on us over here.

But even as a conscientious and environmentally-conscious resident, there are times when you’ve simply got more junk than will fit in the bins. No other way around it. Could be for a couple reasons.

It could be you’ve moved to a new place. Could be you overpacked, and took all of the things you did not want to part with before you with you left. And now you’ve got to deal with that stuff and the packaging it came in.

The excess stuff could be a result of being in the process of changing residences. There is inevitable culling that happens in that process, and the longer you’ve been somewhere the more of it there is.

Besides, the moving situation, another common one is cleaning out a storage area like a basement, shed, garage or barn (this being South Jersey of course). These kinds of reclamation projects can quickly blossom (or metastasize depending on your perspective) into a situation where you’ve got two or three decades’ worth of storage space stuff to contend with.

So there’s good news in all of this. A lot of this stuff can be saved from the dump and can actually be recycled to begin a new and useful life where it’s needed and valued. It can also be donated. And best of all, a local junk removal service can do it instead of you.

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