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Let Us Help You Get Rid Of What You Don't Want, Keep What You Do!!

No matter what is you need to dispose of we can help, and 99% of the time it’s something we can dispose of ourselves. And If we can’t for some reason we’ll be sure to point you in the right direction. Get in touch today to learn more. 

We take pride in service our customers on their time not ours. That means convenient scheduling and clear communication.

We have crews of two or three depending on the size the job, plus the equipment to remove large loads of stuff. Regardless of the job big or small we can handle it.

Our pricing is dead simple, meaning we give you a clear quote once we see what it is you want us to do and we stand by it. No waffling going back and forth or weird surcharges.

Besides being on time, with the right manpower and equpiment, experience and all at a fair price we also take care to leave you home or business in the best shape possible. We take care not to disturb you or your employees. And we even sweep up after we’re done. So people might think those are little things, be we’ve found attention to the details is what sets us apart. 


Williamstown Junk Removal does residential junk removal. We’ll get the job done. We get it, if you’ve lived in the same home for years there’s stuff in the attic, basement and garage that you’d like to get rid of. Just thinking about all the work that would go into sorting, donating, and disposing of all that stuff can be daunting, not to mention the mess and time you’d spend. Oftentimes we hold on to things not because we need them but because it’s easier to leave it be than get rid of it. And even after you’ve had your garage sale, there are always things that don’t sell and that you don’t want. Williamstown Junk Removal is here to help. Just give a call, tell us where the stuff you don’t want is and we will haul it off, making sure what can be recycled and donated is recycled and donated and disposing of the rest safely.


No matter what line of business it is, there are always items that need to be disposed of. The longer a business is open, the more of this stuff there seems to be. Being in business is stressful and busy enough, there’s usually not time left to deal with the stuff that needs to hauled off. Unless you’ve got an employee who job it is to periodically take things to be recycled, donated or disposed of chances are we can help. Whether it’s off office desks, filing cabinets, desks, computer equipment or even just trash and debris, Williamstown Junk Removal can save you the headache.


If you’ve got old appliances, broken, just taking up space around the house, Williamstown Junk Removal can remove those for you too. Old appliances like washing machines, dryers, stoves, refrigerators, air conditioners, dishwashers, water heaters, freezers, lawn mowers and vacuums, are heavy, hard to move and daunting to dispose of. Can your old appliance be recycled, at least parts of it? Maybe it can be donated and repaired? Most places won’t let you just take them to the local landfill and leave them there. Sure you could sell it or donate it yourself but your time is valuable. Why not just let the pro’s at Williamstown Junk Removal do the heavy lifting?


Moving is one of those times where we where are faced with the question of what we really need and what we don’t. Especially when our time and energy are being taken up moving the stuff, or our money and energy is spent having someone else do it, it’s helpful to throw the stuff away we don’t need so there’s less to move and less clutter at the new place. Why move stuff that’s going to be thrown away anyway? 

Maybe you’re a landlord who’s tenant left behind a ton of stuff for you to throw away or you’re a tenant who just doesn’t have the time to throw away the stuff you don’t want. Or don’t know how because the city won’t take it. Or you’re responsible for preparing an estate for sale. Or maybe there’s a hoarder house that needs to be cleaned out. Whatever the situation Williamstown Junk Removal can haul off that junk so you don’t have to!


Have you ever run into the situation where you have items that furniture that need to be disposed of but the city will only take it on their time, it can’t be donated or you can’t move it yourself? We understand. That’s why Williamstown Junk Removal is here to help. We know the city schedules and their quirks when it comes to taking furniture. We know and follow the city rule, break down and carry the heavy stuff, determine whether furniture items can be recycled or not (usually most of it can be recycled, which many people do not know) and save you the sweat and stress.


After going through the trouble of preparing your property for the turning seasons, maybe by cutting the lawn, preparing garden beds with mulching, clearing an area of brush or any number of other things, your time for DIY projects my be spent for the foreseeable future. Thinking about clearing any yard waste after all that work may be just as exhausting as doing the work. Don’t sweat it, Williamstown Junk Removal can remove all of your garden waste and you don’t even have to bag it up for us.


Whatever the impetus, at some point or other, we all run into the problem of having to dispose of a large amount of trash at once. You could just get a few buddies and haul it all of to the landfill. Besides taking up a lot of your time you could spend doing better days (let’s face it unless you’re us, who want’s to spend all day throwing away trash?), there are almost certainly things that could be repurposed and recycled that you’d be throwing away. Upwards of 60% of household junk and trash can be recycled, but many people don’t know the can be. When you let the experts at Williamstown Junk Removal handle the job, the items you don’t want that can be recycled will be recycled, saving you time and hassle and the environment.


It seems like every year our homes and workplaces have more and more electronic devices, either because new, better, faster ones compel us to upgrade every six to 12 months or because there is some new convenience digitization and the devices that transport it bring to our life. Each time we switch out or upgrade new devices inevitably some cannot be traded in or serve no functional use any more(here’s looking at you fax machine). These item almost always have some useful parts that can be recycled but also some parts that contain hazardous components that cannot be recycled. Moreover, these hazardous potential contaminants need to be separated from the useful parts and disposed of in very specific ways. Williamstown Junk Removal will remove these items that are no longer in service, also know as ‘e-waste’ from your home and make sure they are recycled and disposed of safely and properly.


Mattresses are something everyone has in their home and swap out at least a few times over the years, but no one seems to know how to dispose of them. Many municipalities don’t want them and are reticent about what to do with them. Williamstown Junk Removal is happy to dispose of any mattresses you’d like to get rid of. We take care of all the details of disposal you’ve just got to tell us where it is and we’ll haul it off. One thing that many people do not know about mattresses is that they are largely recyclable.

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